Help Keywords : Brandish.
Help Category : Equipment.
Related Helps : Recharge, Quaff, Recite, Zap.
Last Updated  : 2018-09-22 11:37:28.
Syntax: brandish

'brandish' releases the effects of a magical staff, with success based on
your 'staves' skill.  You must be holding the staff at the time to brandish
it.  Staves, unlike wands, do not require a target- they affect every
appropriate target in the room. Only true spellcasters can hit a full room,
different primary classes will have a maximum number of targets based on
their primary class.

Note- this is not the skill for staves used as weapons- that falls under
the weapon skill spear. (See 'help weapons'.)

Certain spells can only be used from an object if you are a class that can
naturally cast those spells. To check a specific spell, use 'showskill
<spellname>'. This command will show, among other things, if a spell is
restricted when on objects.  If so, the magic will only affect those that
would otherwise be able to contain it.  If you do not see a restriction,
then the staff is fine to use on anyone.

Brandish will use a single charge off an object.  These are listed in the
form 'object name [Current Charges / Total Charges]'.  When the last charge
is used, the item crumbles.  Spells cast from staves are always at 100%
strength (see 'help cast').