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Last Updated  : 2023-12-27 19:48:36.
Syntax: temper <weapon> <ore>

A skilled blacksmith can use raw materials and a forge (such as the one in
Aylor- 'runto forge') to temporarily increase the abilities of weapons.

Unlike most skills/spells, the limitations and results of tempering are
not based solely upon stats or level.  Instead, the following are used:

* The blacksmith's combined strength and dexterity must be at least double
  the combined hitroll and damroll of the target weapon if it is owned by
  the blacksmith, or quadruple this total if it is owned by someone else.
  When a Blacksmith has fully mastered strength and dexterity this limit
  no longer applies.

* The weapon must be made of a metal material (see 'help materials'), and
  must be done at a forge (like the one in Aylor- 'runto forge').  Quest
  weapons are considered metal material for this skill, even if not listed.
  Arrows can also always be tempered regardless of their base material.

* Ore (items of type 'raw material ore') must be used when tempering.  The
  quality of the ore will determine the maximum hitroll/damroll added.
  High-grade ores with high-stat weapons may add additional effects.  Basic
  low- and high-grade ores are available at the Aylor forge, but several
  other types may be found throughout Andolor.

Unlike similar modification skills (e.g., sharpen), tempering will never
damage or destroy the target weapon.  The duration of the tempering effect
is based upon the blacksmith's strength and dexterity.

A (T) or (Tempered) flag will show on weapons that have had the skill used
upon them, depending on the user's 'shortflags' settings.

Skill available only to the Blacksmith Warrior Subclass.

Primary Stat: Strength, Dexterity
Affected By : Luck