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Help Category : Equipment.
Related Helps : Parry, Knife Fighting.
Last Updated  : 2016-05-10 11:05:07.
Each weapon skill applies to a specific type of armaments, and determines
how well a character fights with weapons of that type.  The parry skill is
also affected by the knowledge of both the attacker's and defender's weapon
types- see 'help parry'.

The weapon skills consist of the following:

axe          Any axe, from hatchets to great axes.
bow          Bows and other ranged weapons used for melee purposes.
dagger       Small knives and similar small bladed weapons.
flail        Ball-and-chain type weapons
hammer       Reinforced hammers for battle, available to blacksmiths.
mace         Typically blunt weapons, like clubs and maces.
polearm      Weapons affixed to poles for extra momentum/range.
spear        Wooden/metal spears and non-magical staves.
sword        Larger bladed weapons, from the rapier to claymore.
whip         Whips, ballwhips, and other similar weapons (chains, etc.).

exotic       Atypical/magical weapons not falling into other categories.

Because of the many different forms exotic weapons may take, this skill is
harder to practice to the same proficiency as other weapon types.

Purchasing the Weaponsmaster wish (see 'help wish') provides 100% skill in
all weapon types except hammer, regardless of whether or not you would
normally have the ability to use that weapon.  You do not need to practice
any of the weapon skills if you have this wish. 

When using a bow in melee the 'bow' weapon skill is covered by the 
Weaponsmaster wish the same as any other weapon. When used for Archery, it
is the 'Archery' skill that determines the outcome and Archery is not
considered a weapon skill.