Help Keywords : Invmon Invitem.
Help Category : Equipment.
Related Helps : Invdata, Invdetails, ObjectId.
Last Updated : 2020-11-29 12:41:27.
Syntax: invmon

This command toggles the display of invitem and invmon tags, useful for client-side scripting/plugins.

The output for invmon is as follows:



1 : Removed (was worn)
2 : Worn
3 : Removed from inventory (given away, dropped)
4 : Added to inventory (received, picked up)
5 : Taken out of container
6 : Put into container
7 : Consumed (quaffed, eaten, rotted)
9 : Put into vault
10: Removed from vault
11: Put into keyring
12: Get from keyring
ContainerID: With action 5 or 6, provides the object ID of the container used (if carried); for all other actions, returns -1.

Wear-loc: Wear-location number, as listed in the 'wearable' command.

'invmon' also toggles the display of the invitem flag. This tag is displayed any time an item is added to your character. The format is the same as in invdata, except it is prefixed by {invitem}, does not break down color codes, and does not have any closing tag.