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Syntax: reskin <target skin>

While many have learned the art of skinning corpses for protective purposes,
the Crafter is able to take this to a higher level.  By studying the
dynamics of skinning, a Crafter can manipulate the skin itself, improving
the quality and manipulating its other properties.

Using reskin, a Crafter can manipulate the stats added to a skin, provided
he/she is at least the level of the skin.  Reskin can switch totals in two
or more stats and will add one point to one of the stats.  For example, a
skin with +2 str, +3 dex, and +1 con may end up with +4 str, +2 dex, and +1
con, by swapping str and dex and adding +1 str.

The 'recharged' flag is the only flag that prevents reskin, and is added
when the skill is successfully used on the skin.

Skill available only to the Crafter Ranger Subclass.