Help Keywords : Fence.
Help Category : Equipment.
Related Helps : Haggle, Keep, Sell.
Last Updated  : 2017-08-16 21:28:59.

Syntax:  fence <item>
         fence all
         fence all.<item>

Through their vast network of connections, Bandits are able to sell various
equipment found through their travels.  In this market, there is no worry
about finding someone interested in the specific type of merchandise you're
selling or whether or not they can afford it- you'll always find a buyer.

Fenced items sell for up to 50% of their value (the same as if a shopkeeper
buys them).  Half of this is based upon fence skill and the other half is
based upon a combination of Dexterity and Luck.  

Items which would not sell to any shopkeeper (0 value, auctioned, and owned
items) cannot be fenced; also, items over 20,000 gold in price are too hot
to be traded in this manner.

The same syntax for 'sell' works with 'fence'.  Make sure the item you wish
to fence is the correct one- the anonymous nature of the black market means
there's no way to get an incorrectly fenced item back.  Due to the nature
of these negotiations, the thief will not automatically split anything
earned via this method, and clan taxes are not applied to the results.

Skill available only to the Bandit Thief Subclass.