Help Keywords : Containers.
 Help Category : Equipment.
 Related Helps : Inventory, Strength, Get, Put, Examine, Invsort.
 Last Updated  : 2020-05-25 12:20:03.
 Containers are used for organization and also offer the extra benefit of
 (usually) providing a reduced total weight for objects carried within them.

 * To look inside a container, use 'look in <container>' or 'examine 
 * To get an item out of a container, use 'get <item> <container>'.
 * To put an item into a container, use 'put <item> <container>'.

 With 'get' and 'put', you can use 'all' in place of the item name, with
 predictable results.

 Use 'identify <container>' to check how much your container is holding.

 Containers have 5 values that show up in identify/lore:

 * Capacity- Maximum unmodified weight of items inside.
 * Heaviest Item- Items must be this weight or under to be placed inside
   the container.
 * Tot Weight- The weight of the container, plus the weight of all   
   objects inside multiplied by the weight multiplier ("Items inside weigh 
 * Items Inside- Number of items inside the container.
 * Item Burden- Qty of items considered when holding/picking up 
   container. Usually this is the total of all items + 1 (container 
   itself), but may be less with keepflagged items, etc.

 Only empty containers with 100% weight multiplier may be placed into other
 containers.  This is to prevent items that weigh, for example, 20% of 20%
 of their normal weight.

 The quest item 'a Bag of Aardwolf' (see 'help quest' and 'help aarditems') 
 changes capacity as you level.  This is the only item (quest equipment or
 otherwise) that changes levels as you do. Once you remort or tier, Aardwolf
 bags will automatically be level 201 to help with item capacity across