Help Keywords : Rehallow.
Help Category : Equipment.
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Last Updated  : 2012-09-15 20:04:33.
Syntax:  cast rehallow <target object>

Paladins, through the guidance of their deities, are able to summon lights
that shine with the radiance of long-forgotten warriors.  Priests, with an
even closer connection to these deities, are able to further refine these
lights, possibly even making them slightly stronger.

This spell will randomly add points to at least one (and possibly more than
one) stat pool, provided there is already a stat bonus of that type on the
hallowed light.  (For example, a light with +1 int and +1 wis will not get
points added to strength.)  It will not rearrange point totals.

The chances of successfully adding one stat to a hallowed light are not 
based on the caster's stats. The chances of adding a second random stat
are determined by wisdom.

This spell adds the recharged flag to the object, meaning the spell cannot
be cast upon the item again.

Spell available only to the Priest Cleric Subclass.