Help Keywords : Keep Unkeep.
Help Category : Equipment.
Related Helps : Autokeep, Kflag, Owned, Unkeep.
Last Updated : 2017-06-17 22:49:31.
Syntax: keep <item> unkeep <item>

        keep all             unkeep all
        keep all.<item>      unkeep all.<item>

As you hunt throughout Aardwolf and collect equipment from the corpses of your enemies, you will collect a large number of items that you do not want, but just typing 'drop all' means that you will also drop those few items you do want to hold on to.

The 'keep' command adds a flag that makes the item unable to be dropped, sold, auctioned, eaten, or given to a monster. Items with this flag will show with a (K) symbol before them, and will show 'held' in the 'Flags:' line of identify and lore. To be able to drop/sell/eat/auction/give away a kept item, simply 'unkeep' it.

'Keep' on a kept item will no longer remove this status; you must 'unkeep' it to remove this flag. See 'help autokeep' for a toggle that will keep some items automatically.

This flag is not the same as the item flag 'keepflag'. See 'help keepflag' for more information on that flag.