Help Keywords : CM-EQ-Scrolls.
Help Category : Clan Equipment.
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Last Updated  : 2017-12-30 19:13:40.
Clan Equipment: Scrolls

Current:  EQ-Index -> EQ-Types -> EQ-Scrolls

Name: Must have one of the words in the short & long desc
Type: Scroll
Level: No lower than the spell level of the item.
Wear flags: Take
Extra flags: Magic + Any
Cln: Shortname of clan who bought it.
Weight: 1 spell = 5, 2 spells = 7, 3 spells = 10, 4 spells = 13.
Cost in shop: Level*4*number of spells.
Short desc: Must contain a keyword of the object.
Long desc: Must contain a keyword of the object.
Affects: N/A
V0 Spell level: Level of the item.
V1,V2,V3,V4: Any legal spells or blank. (see 'help EQ-IllegalSpells')

Upfront Costs:
Base Cost: 3mil gold
Level-based Cost: Level*number of spells in the scroll*50,000 gold
Flag cost: (see 'help EQ-Flags')
Cost to reset in shop: 1mil

Costs to Change:
Type/level/affects/wear slot: Cost of the item as if it were new
Change name/short desc/long desc: 1mil gold for all or any.
Change spells: Level * 50k gold per spell changed. 

Imms: Please add the searchable flag to any scrolls that will reset in open
shops so that they can be called up with 'potsearch'.