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Clan Equipment: Tier EQ Rules

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Costs of Clan Tier EQ
For the first use of the vnum, or if the vnum hasn't been changed since
December 31st of the last calendar year, the cost of the tier eq will be
the same as for a normal object upgrade.

If the vnum is changed more than once a year, the following cost will
apply:  EQ Cost + (re-uses * 100mil)

- EQ Cost is the cost of the item as if it were a standard object
- Re-uses is the amount of times a vnum has been changed.
- An upgrade is counted as a re-use when the cost of the item would be
  charged as 'the cost of the item as if it were new'.
  ie. changing the wear location, level, affects.
- Upgrades such as changing the object flags or weight do not count as a
  re-use, but will be charged with the re-uses * 100mil cost, if that
  cost applied the last time the item was upgraded.
- Tier equipment may not have undesirable flags.  No limit for closed
  or open shop equipment.

The cost of the item will be reset every January 1st, regardless of
how many re-uses have taken place since then.

Tier EQ Rules

1.  The extra stat may be used on tier eq.
2.  Each piece of tier eq must have the clanonlyperm flag (this is added
    for no cost).
3.  Each piece of tier eq must have the clanonly flag (this costs 3mil).
4.  Tier eq must be type armor.
5.  Clans can only have 3 tier eq pieces at a time.  The vnums to use
    are 65-67, no other vnums can be used.
6.  Tier eq is only available to PK clans in their closed shops.
7.  Tier eq resets can NEVER be removed.

IMPORTANT: Attempts to circumvent rule #7 by making your tier equipment
completely undesirable to wear or any other such technicalities will
NOT be allowed.