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Last Updated  : 2016-03-03 11:55:32.
There is often confusion about the various types of descriptions on objects
and monsters on Aardwolf.  This is an explanation provided to help make
sense of these different strings, which often come into play when you
request items and mobiles in things such as clan halls and manor rooms.
Note that extended ASCII characters are not allowed for mobs or objects.

Keywords:  Formerly known as names. For rooms, they are what is seen
when typing 'look <keyword>' to find an extra description.  For mobs and
items, they are what is used to interact with the monster/object; i.e.,
'kill orc' or 'get sword'.  There are no color codes in mob or object
keywords.  For clan objects, there is a limit of 5 keywords and there MUST
be a keyword from both the short AND long description (the same keyword
can be used to fulfill this requirement).

Short:  Mobiles and objects only.  On objects, this is what shows in equip,
inventory, list, etc.  On mobiles, this is seen on scan or when interacting
with the mobile.  For example, 'a long sword', or 'a grumpy troll'.  These
descriptions may have color codes, and are limited to 50 characters,
including the codes.

Long:  Mobiles and objects only.  These are the 'in room' descriptions,
seen when typing 'look'.  On objects, these are also the description seen
when you type 'look <object>', unless an extra description has the same
keyword (see below).  The character limit is 80, including color codes.

Desc:  Mobiles and rooms only- not objects.  This is the description seen
when typing 'look' for room descriptions, or when you 'look <mobile>'.  It
is allowed to have color codes, and a maximum of 40 lines.  Please specify
whether you want these descriptions formatted to 75 characters in width or
not when requesting a description.

Story:  Mobiles only.  This is heard with 'listen <mobname>'.  Limit of ~80
characters, generally does not include color codes.

Extra:  Objects and rooms only.  These are additional keywords that have
additional descriptions seen when you 'look <keyword>'.  Extra desc
keywords may be the same as the object's original keywords, providing a
longer description when you 'look <object>'.  Keywords do not have color
codes, though the descriptions themselves may have them; they are limited
to 40 lines.

Value:  Furniture objects only.  Choose 'in', 'on' or 'by'.  These echo
when you use the furniture objects; for example, 'You sit in (object short
desc).'  These are not customizable in any other way.

Examples of each of these strings can be found in the Sample Room up from
the entrance to the Aardwolf Real Estates area.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask an Imm before posting a note.