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Last Updated  : 2016-03-02 19:01:05.
Clan Equipment: Portals

Current:  EQ-Index -> EQ-Types -> EQ-Portals

Note: The following information is for main hall portals only (not maze portals).

Name: Must have one of the words in the short & long desc 
Type: Portal
Level: 1
Wear flags: None
Extra flags: Magic
Cln: Set to the clan who bought it 
Weight: 0
Cost in Shop: N/A
Short desc: Must contain a keyword of the object 
Long desc: Must contain a keyword of the object 
Affects: No
[v3] destination (in room portal): Start of any legal area 'help trivia portals'

Upfront Costs:
Base Cost: 10mil gold
There is no reset cost for portals.

Costs to Change:
Type: Cost of the item as if it were new
Change name/short desc/long desc: 1mil gold for all or any.

Your clan area can only have a maximum of 5 exits or portals to other areas
from the main hall.  This does not include an exit to the temple in Midgaard.
The clan must choose either exits or portals, the five exits cannot be a
combination of both.