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Last Updated  : 2020-09-27 21:55:48.
Clan Equipment: Illegal Spells

Current:  EQ-Index -> EQ-Types -> EQ-IllegalSpells

The following is a list of illegal spells on clan objects:

A - Abomination, Absorb, Acid Blast, Acid Stream, Acid Proof, Acid Wave,
    Air Focus, Air Skewer, Angelfire, Antimagic Shell, Apocalypse,
    Augmented Healing

B - Balefire, Blades of Light, Blast Undead, Blazing Fury

C - Call Lightning, Call Upon Faith, Caustic Rain, Chaos Portal, Cleansing,
    Combat Empathy, Combat Mind, Conceal, Condemn, Create Poultice,
    Creator's Wisdom, Cyclone

D - Damnation, Death Field, Demonfire, Desolation, Displacement, Disrupt,
    Divine Faith

E - Earth Shroud, Earthquake, Earth Focus, Earthen Hammer, Elemental Ward,
    Energy Ball, Energy Drain, Energy Shield, Engulf, Eruption, Exorcise,

F - Finger Of Death, Fire Breath, Fire Focus, Fire Rain, Forest Fire

G - Gaia's Revenge, Glare, Globe of Invulnerability

H - Hand Of Justice, Healing Touch, Heavenly Balance, High Explosive,
    Holy Arrow, Holy Strike, Holy Word

I - Ice Bolt, Ice Cloud, Ice Daggers, Ice Storm, Immolate, Indestructible
    Aura, Infernal Voice, Incomplete Healing

K - Knock

L - Lightning Strike, Lightspeed, Line of Protection

M - Megablast, Miasma, Miracle

N - Neural Overload, Necrocide, Nightmare Touch, Nova

P - Panic, Party Heal, Party Sanctuary, Pillar Of Fire, Power Projection
    Protection From Fire, Psychosis, Pure Faith, Purgatory, Purge,

R - Rally, Regeneration, Renew, Rejuvenate, Repentance, Resonate, Restore
    life, Reverse Align

S - Scorch, Scourge, Sense Anger, Sense Life, Shard Of Ice,
    Shifty's Sleight of Hand, Shock Aura, Slow, Soul Rip, Spasm,
    Spear of Odin, Spirit Strike, Spiritual Disruption, Starburst,
    Summon Life, Suppressed Healing

T - Tempest, Terminate, Test of Faith, Totem Force, Totem Guidance,
    Tornado, Toxic Cloud, Translocate, Trauma

U - Ultrablast

V - Valgard's Might, Vampiric Touch, Vengeance, Voice Of God

W - Water Focus, Willpower, Winds Of Reckoning, Wolf Spirits, Wrath Of God
    Wraith Form

Other item creation spells not explicitly listed are also not allowed.

Spells may be added to this list at any time.