Help Keywords : Lore.
Help Category : Equipment.
Related Helps : Identify, ObjectId.
Last Updated  : 2013-03-31 16:39:36.
Syntax: lore <object>          : Gives info about target carried object.
        lore <wear-slot>       : Gives info about object worn on that
        lore <wear-slot> worn  : Used if wear slot name is the same as
                                 the keyword of a carried object e.g.
                                 'back' and 'backpack'.

Calling upon the power of your knowledge, the Lore skill will enable a 
character to discover many interesting things about an item.  Due to the 
resources required, the Lore skill can only be performed successfully in a
city, and costs a small amount of movement points to use.  Lore will reveal
many salient facts regarding the item, but there is also Hester in Aylor
who can perform a similar function, for a price- see 'help identify'.

Lore is not as effective as identify with weapons, but a person skilled in
lore can also determine the part of the realm an item came from.  You can
specify a wear slot (use 'wearable' to see a list of terms), to gather
information on the item worn in that slot.  For example, 'lore lwrist' will
show details of the item currently worn on your left wrist.

See 'help objectid' for more information on the Id field and see 'help
compare' for more information on the Score value shown in lore.

There is also a video which shows how to use the lore skill on Aardwolf: