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Last Updated  : 2017-12-30 19:06:07.
Clan Equipment: Flag Costs

Current:  EQ-Index -> EQ-Flags

The cost listed is the cost to add or remove the flag.  If you are paying
for an item as if it were new you do not have to pay to remove flags.  You
DO have to pay for the flags you want on the new item.

Magic        You can't major create the item.  All clan objects must
             have this.
Glow         500k You can see the item in a dark room.
Hum          500k You can hear the item and use it if you're blind.
Nodrop       500k You can't drop the item.
Noremove     500k You can't remove the item.
Invis        500k The item is invis.  You can cast solidify on it.
Burn-proof   500k The item wont be burnt by attacks.
Nolocate     1m The locate object spell will not detect this item.
Anti-good    1m The item cannot be worn by good aligned players.
Anti-evil    1m The item cannot be worn by evil aligned players.
Anti-neutral 1m The item cannot be worn by neutral aligned players.
Nodisarm     8m Only for weapons, prevents the weapon from being disarmed.
Rot-death    2m The item will rot if it is worn by a player when s/he dies.
Clanonly     3m The item cannot be saved by anyone outside the clan.
                This flag is automatically removed from raided eq.
Searchable   free Imms are responsible for adding this flag to any open
                  shop item that can be called up with the 'eqsearch' or
                  'potsearch' commands.

- An item cannot have all 3 'anti' flags. The maximum allowed is two.
- Tier equipment may not have undesirable flags.  No limit for closed
  or open shop equipment.
- V2 flag Bless does currently nothing.
- V2 flag Evil does currently nothing.