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Last Updated  : 2016-03-02 18:49:09.
Clan Equipment: Drink Containers

Current:  EQ-Index -> EQ-Types -> EQ-DrinkContainers

Name: Must have one of the words in the short & long desc 
Type: Drink container
Level: 1
Wear flags: take
Extra flags: Magic + Any  
Cln: Set to the clan who bought it 
Weight: 10
Cost in Shop: Drink Capacity * 2
Short desc: Must contain a keyword of the object 
Long desc: Must contain a keyword of the object 
Affects: No
[v0] Liquid Total: 100 (Max 1000)
[v1] Liquid Left: Above Value 
[v2] Liquid: Clan's Choice of standard liquids ('help EQ-Liquids')
[v3] Poisoned: No

Upfront Costs:
Base Cost:  1mil gold
Reset Cost: 1mil gold. 

Costs to Change:
Type: Cost of the item as if it were new
Change name/short desc/long desc: 1mil gold for all or any.
Weight: Cost per weight point lowered 200k gold.
Liquid Total servings: 300k gold per extra 100 slots.
Liquid Type (standard): 1mil gold 
Liquid Type (custom): 10mil gold.
Poisoned (toggle): 500k gold.