Enchant Weapon

Help Keywords : 'Enchant Weapon'.
Help Category : Equipment.
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Last Updated  : 2022-07-14 16:09:27.

Syntax: cast 'enchant weapon' <weapon>
Spell Number: 41

Unlike the specialized enchanter spells; the "enchant weapon" ability is a 
general enchantment available to most magic users.

This spell magically enchants a weapon, increasing its hit roll and damage
roll bonuses by one or two points.  Multiple enchants may be cast, but as
the weapon grows more and more powerful, it is more likely to be drained or
destroyed by the magic.  Also, every successful enchant increases the level
of the weapon by one... reducing the level again would be very costly and, 
most likely, not recommended!

Casters who are extremely lucky have a small chance of getting a 'golden'
enchant, which will have the possibility of adding a stat (intelligence,
wisdom, or luck) to the weapon. A golden enchant adds the glow flag so it
is not recommended to use this spell on an item you would like to fully
enchant later.

Primary stat: Intelligence and Luck