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 Last Updated  : 2010-11-28 02:56:54.
 Many special items in Aardwolf have the ownership flag, including special
 area quest items and Aardwolf quest equipment (see 'help aarditems').  Any
 item that is owned to a player can only be used by that player and his/her

 Ownership is added automatically with certain clan skills, upon purchase of
 an Aardwolf quest item or keepflag, and to certain other objects like chaos

 Owned items may have their ownership changed to another player, but may not
 have it removed.  It is not possible to reown quest equipment except during
 remort auctions (see 'help rauction' and 'help market'); other items may be
 reowned at a varying trivia point cost (see 'help reown').  Owned private
 rooms (manors) may also be exchanged- see 'help manor purchase'.

 While it IS more difficult, it is not impossible to lose owned items.  See
 'help destroy' for ways to completely get rid of owned items.

 Note- unauthorized use or abuse of owned equipment is frowned upon by the