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Last Updated  : 2016-03-02 18:50:34.
Clan Equipment: Closed Clan Extra Stat

Current:  EQ-Index -> EQ-ExtraStat

For an additional cost, closed clans can use one extra point on their EQ.

The extra point may be used as:

+1 str/wis/dex/con/int/luck
+2 HR or DR
+1 Hr and DR
+10 hp, mana, or moves.
+4 resists in a single specific damtype.

The extra point costs 10mil if it is used on a stat group that is not
already maxxed.  It will cost 40mil if it is used on a stat group that
is already maxxed.

For example:
You have a level 71 back armor piece.  It has 7 str and 2dr.

If you add the extra stat to str or any other stat (8str 2dr) the cost will be
40mil, because 7 is the maximum amount of stats on a level 71 single
worn object.  If you add the extra stat to damroll (7str 4dr), the cost is only
10mil, because the max dr allowed is 6.

NOTE:  If a clan purchases the extra stat for existing objects, the cost
is not charged as if the item were new (it is just the 10 or 40mil charge).

Also, the extra stat may not be used on open equipment.