Help Keepflag

If you are looking for the flag which prevents accidental dropping of 
objects, see 'help keep'.

Syntax:  kflag <object>

Prior to 27 Nov 2010, item level restrictions prevented players from
keeping items over 10 levels above them upon quit/reboot (unless they had
the saveable flag, keepall wish, or were flagged with keepflag).  This is
no longer the case; however, adding a keepflag to an object does still
confer some benefits.

This flag may be purchased at the Aylorian Forge, at a cost of 4 trivia
points per item.  Adding this flag to an object makes the item burn-proof
and adds ownership (see 'help ownership'), and it no longer counts against
your total number of items carried. Items with the kflag also take up no
space when placed into a vault.

This flag is not usable on any items of type 'key', items which are not
permanent ("will disappear in <number> ticks"), or items flagged nosave
(visible on identify or lore).

Items with keepflag do not count against the maximum number of items that you can carry. However their weight still contributes to the total weight that you are carrying.