Index T

TEST : Test port wants YOU.
TESTMODE : Information on test mode.
THOUGHT SHIELD : Damage absorbing shield held in place by psi's will.
TICK : Explanation of game timing.
TIME SHIFT : Psionic ability to shift briefly in time to avoid attac
TODO : Future Aardwolf code projects.
TOPSPELLS : Shows the most commonly used spells, by spells type.
TOXIC RESISTANCE : Grants the caster some resistance to poisonous attacks.
TPUPGRADE : Bring old equipment to par with new enchants.
TPspend : Automatic function to collect some trivia rewards.
TRANSLOCATE : Random teleportation to a room within the same area.
TRANSPORT VIA PLANTS: Allows rangers to transport between forest areas.
TREAT WOUNDS : Allows a warrior to bandage wounds.
TRITON : Information on the Triton race.
TRIVIA RULES : Generic rules for the Imm-run trivia contests.
TRIVIA SLAM : Information about the Trivia Slam game
TRIVIA SLAM HISTORY : History on the Trivia Slam game results
TROLL : Information about the Troll race.
Tags : Show/hide output tags to help script parsing.
Tairayden Peninsula : Information on the Tairayden Peninsula area.
Takedas Warcamp : Information on the area Takeda's Warcamp.
Talon : Creates vicious blades of energy from the caster's hand
Talsa : Information on the area Empire of Talsa.
Tame : Ranger ability to tame even the wildest of creatures.
Tanelorn : Information about the TANELORN clan.
Tanravea : Information on the Tanra'vea goal
Tao : Information on the Creation of Tao clan.
Target : Information on the 'target' command.
Tasks : Review task information for active goals.
Taunt : Distract a monster to fight you rather than others.
Taxes : Information about taxes (spit) in Aardwolf.
Team : Laser tag chat channel.
Tech : Channel for technical problems/questions/comments.
Technical Bug : Information on your unimportant bug report.
Telekinesis : Allows the caster to hurl objects during combat.
Teleport : Random teleportation to a room within the realm.
Teleport Behind : Teleport behind opponent and stab them in the back.
Tell : Private communication between players.
Telltags : Information on how tell tags work.
Telopts : Information on telnet options.
Tempering : Use a forge and ore to increase weapon abilities.
Tempest : The most violent of the Maelstroms.
Temple of Shalindrae: Information on the Temple of Shalindrael area.
Terminate : Description of the paladin terminate spell.
Test of Faith : An extended helping hand from your deity.
Testers : Process for bringing changes to the MUD.
Thandelds Conflict : Information on the Thandeld's Conflict area.
The Blood Opal of Ra: Information on the Blood Opal of Rauko'ra area.
The Blood Sanctum : Information on the Blood Sanctum area.
The Broken Halls of : Information on the area The Broken Halls of Horath.
The Covenant of Mist: Information on the area Covenant of Mistridge.
The Curse of the Mid: Information for area The Curse of the Midnight Fens.
The Dark Temple of Z: Information about the area 'The Dark Temple of Zyian'
The Drageran Empire : Information on the area Drageran Empire.
The Dungeon of Doom : Information on the area The Dungeon of Doom.
The Fabled City of S: Information on the area The Fabled City of Stone.
The Fire Swamp : Information on the area The Fire Swamp.
The First Ascent : Information on the area First Ascent.
The Flying Citadel : Information about the area The Flying Citadel
The Fortress of Angb: Information on area The Fortress of Angband.
The Gathering Horde : Information on the area The Gathering Horde.
The Icy Caldera of M: Information about the area, 'The Icy Caldera of Mauldoo
The Infestation : Information about the area 'The Infestation'
The Keep of Kearvek : Information on area The Keep of Kearvek.
The Killing Fields : Information on the 'Killing Fields' area.
The Land of Oz : Information on the Land of Oz area
The Maelstrom : Information about the area 'The Maelstrom'
The Mountains of Des: Information on the Mountains of Desolation area.
The Partroxis : Information on The Partroxis
The Planes : Many facets of law, chaos, good, evil, and elements.
The Realm of the Haw: Information on the area The Realm of the Hawklords.
The Relinquished Tom: Information on the Relinquished Tombs area
The Scarred Lands : Information on the Scarred Lands goal.
The Three Pillars of: Information on the area The Three Pillars of Diatz.
The Titans Keep : Information about the Titan's Keep area.
The Trouble with Gwi: Information about the Gwillim area
The Witches of Omen : Information on The Witches of Omen Tor area
The Wobbly Woes of W: Information on the area The Wobbly Woes of Woobleville.
The Wood Elves of Na: Information on the area The Wood Elves of Nalondir.
Thief : Information about the Thief class.
Third Attack : Chance to land a third attack with primary weapon.
Third Attack Dual : Chance to land a third attack with seconded weapon.
Tierpin : How to upgrade / acquire your tier pin.
Tiers : More fun for the *really* dedicated players.
Tierstats : Sets tier/wish training bonuses
Tilule : Information on the Tilule Rehabilitation Clinic area.
Time : Shows current Andolorian calendar information.
Timers : Description of the various types of timers in Aardwolf.
Timeshifting : Manipulate time itself to recover quickly.
Timezone : Time zones can really be confusing sometimes.
Tinker's Guild : Aylor's Tinker's Guild
Tir na nOg : Information on the Tir na nOg area.
Title : Sets the title people will see when they do a 'who'.
Token : How to use tokens.
Torment : Sends the victim into a world of nightmares.
Tornado : Summons a 'Twister' to destroy the foe.
Tortured Vision : Information on the Avenger spell, 'Tortured Visions'
Totem Force : Shaman's ability to summon extra combat strength.
Totem Guidance : Shaman's ability to easily find a target.
Touchstone : Information on the House of Touchstone clan.
Tournament Camps : Information on the Tournament Camps goal.
Town of Solan : Information about the area 'Town of Solan'
Toxic Cloud : Fill the room with a cloud of toxic waste.
Tpenchant : Enchant weapons using trivia points.
Train : Information on how stats increase.
Traitor : Players that have committed crimes against their clan.
Transcendence : Information about the area 'Transcendence'
Trauma : Interrupts the flow of energy in the foe.
Treasure hunt : The Hook clan skill.
Tribal Origins : Information about the area 'Tribal Origins'
Trip : Brings your opponent crashing to the ground.
Trivia : The global trivia channel.
Trivia Bonus Mobs : Random monsters with a nice bonus
Trivia Points : Trivia points and their uses.
Trivia Portals : Describes the 'trivia portal' option and lists exceptio
Trivial Portal : Transportation spell for the risk-averse
Trolling : What to do if you run into someone who is trolling.
Trophy : Creates a trophy for triumph over your victim.
True Seeing : Gives the caster the affects of many detection spells.
Tumaris : Information on the Tumari's Diner area
Twinlobe : Information about the Twinlobe clan.
Twitter : Follow us on Twitter!
Typetags : Description of tags found in invdetails.
theif : Pointer for correct spelling of thief.
toprank : View the top rankings for a period.