Help Keywords : TESTMODE.
Help Category : Miscellaneous.
Related Helps : Testcommands.
Last Updated  : 2008-02-29 07:36:53.
Aardwolf can be put into 'testmode' making a number of commands available 
for testing purposes. The test mode was created originally for v3 

When testmode is on, all of the commands available in 'help testcommands' 
are available to you, and the MUD will behave differently in a number of 
areas. As these areas could be considered/reported as bugs, they are listed
here for reference:

* Remort auction can be done at any time. Both types of auction run 
  much faster.

* You will see Gquest announcements for all ranges. You can use 
  'setlevel' to make yourself the appropriate level and join. Gquests will
  also run more frequently.

* You will see a number to the left of room names. The number is the
  current light level in the room.

* Some spells/skills may display debug information such as percentages
  etc. This is fine - it usually exists to help confirm something is 
  working while the MUD is in test mode.

* You can create up to 3 pets while the MUD is in test mode.

* Alliance and raiding timers are generally shorter.