The Icy Caldera Of M

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   The Caldera of Mauldoon was formed during a battle between two 
ancient wizards. Their spells hurled magma from the volcano in 
blazing fireballs across the sky. They summoned fire demons and ice 
creatures to do battle. In the end with a final blast of magic, they 
covered the caldera in a final blast of ice. Their battle had lasted for 
years and left behind a great frozen wasteland, leaving behind creatures
of fire and ice.

   For centuries, the great working of ice magic had been restrained
from spreading its icy fingers beyond the caldera. But now, the balance 
is weakening before the ever-growing might of Flame. The situation has 
grown so dire that some of the nearby villagers have taken it upon
themselves to appease their god by sacrificing innocents to the Ice Lord, 
the personified essence of the great spell.  For in their fear and 
desperation, there are no depths to which they are unwilling to sink.

   In the shadow of a conflict about to violently erupt, you must try
to negotiate a peace between two factions that have been warring for
countless years lest the entire region devolve into elemental anarchy.

Level Range         : 190 to 201
Goal Difficulty     : Easy
Goal Recommended at : Level 190
Goal Converter      : Lexos
Area Author         : Valkur

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