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Help Category : Communication.
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Last Updated  : 2015-07-25 22:26:02.

   tell <player> <msg>   : Send private message to player
   reply <message>       : Send tell to last person who sent a tell to you.
   retell <message>      : Send tell to the last person you sent a tell to.
   relay <player>        : Send your last tell to different player.
   replay                : See unread tells.
   reply clear           : Clears your reply pointer.

Tell will send a private message to a target you specify.  It is not seen
by other players and does not show that you sent a message.

Many players store tells. See 'help catchtell' for information on Aardwolf's
tell storage system.

The 'reply' command will send the message to the last player who sent you
a tell.  This is checked when the command goes through- if you start to
reply to someone and another player sends a tell before you hit enter, it
will go to the newer target, so be careful. To help avoid this situation 
you might want to use 'retell' which sends a tell to the last person that
*you* sent a tell to. You can also see who you will reply to with the %T
variable- see 'help prompt'.

If you send a tell to the wrong person, 'relay <target>' will send the
last tell sent to the player specified.

Using the syntax 'tell -h <number>' will show the last <number> tells to
and from you.  If you omit a number, the last 100 tells will be shown.
Note that tell history does not save when you quit; it is not stored 
anywhere on your pfile.  However, if you quit or idle off with waiting
tells, you will see them in a note on Personal board when you next log in.