Trivia Points

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Related Helps : Gtrivia, Tpspend, Wizlevels.
Last Updated  : 2022-09-10 13:42:25.
Trivia points are similar to quest points; they are earned in the game and
can be used to obtain special benefits over standard in-game equipment.
You can obtain trivia points in several ways: 

* Correctly answer a trivia question first in an imm-sponsored trivia game
  (see 'help trivia').
* Donate money to Aardwolf (see 'help donations').
* Convert quest points into trivia points (see 'help quest points').
* Convert a trivia point token to a trivia point (see 'help gtrivia').
* Kill a trivia bonus mob (see 'help trivia bonus mobs').
* Win as a prize in an Immortal-sponsored event.
* Finish a campaign or win a global quest with a trivia point reward.
* Receive as a random reward when completing quests, daily blessings,
  and winning fundraising leaflets off auction (see 'help leaflet').

Trivia points can be used to purchase favors from the Imms or in special
shops, listed below.  Items listed with * are available through Ravi
Enterprises- see 'help tpspend'.  Items with ** are available through other
various shops in Aylor; see the end of 'help tpspend' for locations and
'look sign' in those rooms for detailed instructions.  Other services will
require contacting an Imm of the appropriate level (see 'help wizlevels')
or posting a note to Imm on personal board if none are available.

1TP* - Trivia spell-up, cast on your character. (See 'help tpspend'.)
1TP* - Restore hp/mana/moves.
1TP  - Transfer your character to the beginning of any area, including
       Aylor.  Not available to/from clan rooms.
1TP* - Retrieve all corpses you have (except in clan areas).
1TP* - Add a keyword to an item.
1TP**- Change a weapon's type (e.g., sword to axe; see 'help wtype').
1TP  - Summon Aarchaeology professor to 2s of recall in Aylor.
1TP  - Tpenchant an Aardwolf Aura of Trivia. See 'help tpenchant'.
1TP  - Replace an academy portal.

2TP  - TP-enchant your weapon, with guaranteed success. See 'help 
       tpenchant'.  (Available anywhere.)
2TP  - Restore all players online, including a custom message.
2TP  - Change an item's name/descriptions (see 'help restring').
2TP**- Change the damage type of a weapon (see 'help wset').
2TP**- Change a weapon's special flag (see 'help weapon flags').
2TP**- Add/remove an item's flags (see 'help setflags').
2TP  - Set a pretitle (see 'help pretitle').
2TP  - Add graffiti to a room (see 'help graffiti').
2TP**- Halve/Double the weight of an item (see 'help setweight')
2TP* - Purchase a level 1 trivia spell-up potion (see 'help tpspend').
2TP  - Rename your character. Special conditions may waive this fee-
       see 'help rename'.
2TP  - Confiscate carryable owned equipment from an offline/unavailable
       player.  (No charge for divorcing spouses- see 'help confiscate'.)
2TP* - Sell your owned Aura of Trivia (see 'help aura of trivia').

3TP  - Disenchant a single spell. (see 'help disenchant')
3TP  - Purchase a potion of incomplete healing. (Imms: warzone-7)
3TP  - Change Hero/Superhero title (see 'help whoname').

4TP**- Add nodisarm flag to a weapon.
4TP**- Add keepflag/burnproof/ownership to an item (see 'help keepflag')

5TP* - Buy a chaos portal ingredient (see 'help cptypes').
5TP  - Replace an academy pin.
5TP* - Permanently change sex. (Please read 'help sex' first.)

6TP* - Aura of Trivia floating item (see 'help aura of trivia').
7TP  - Add your name to 'trivia hall of fame' plaque in Bookworm's Haven.
10TP*- Remove a marriage wait timer (see 'help divorce').
15TP - Purchase a portal to almost any area (see 'help trivia portals.')
15TP*- Purchase a Trivia Sleeping Bag (see 'help sleeping bag').
20TP - Purchase a Vault (see 'help vault'). 
60TP - Create your own manor (see 'help MU-purchase').