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Last Updated  : 2021-07-28 11:17:37.

Date & Time : TBD
Trivia Topic: TBD
Extra Prize : TBD

Trivia Slam is a game that attempts to take the randomness out of trying to
win trivia points by participating in trivia games.  Unlike most other
trivia games, this one is scheduled ahead of time so you can plan to play
if you are able.  The topic is also released, which could help you decide
if you would like to play. (Note: not all events are scheduled ahead, due
to real life unpredictability)

It is very important that everyone who participates in trivia slam read and
adhere to everything stated in help trivia rules.  Most specifically, 
only one answer per player, per question.  Since the questions come quickly,
there will be no warnings given.  Any violations of the trivia rules during
the game will result in a removal from the trivia game.  Repeated violations
could result in permanent loss of the trivia channel.

Once trivia slam begins, there will be 10 questions asked, and 10 trivia
points up for grabs!  Unique to this game, the player who answers the most
correct questions can also win a prize unique to the event.  If there is a
tie for the most questions answered correctly, there will be a tie breaker
question asked to determine the winner.

* See 'help trivia slam history' to see past game results.