The Planes

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The Upper and Lower Planes are a series of planes of existence.  Each plane
represents a different facet of Law or Chaos, Good or Evil, and other 
unique features.

Accessing these planes requires traversing the Astral Plane, accessible 
through an Amulet of the Planes.  Legends say the keepers of these amulets
hide deep in the maze of the Gauntlet, though many adventurers will gladly
offer an amulet for auction if asked on the Barter channel.

Once in the Astral Plane, 'look pools' to see a list of the location of each
of the Upper and Lower Planes.  You may only return from a plane where you
originally entered it- marking an entrance to a plane is very strongly
recommended for those that want to leave alive.

There is also a video which shows how to get the amulet on Aardwolf:


The AardWiki has maps of the area here: