Help Keywords : Title.
Help Category : Utility.
Related Helps : Notitle, Pretitle, Whoname.
Last Updated  : 2013-06-16 19:19:43.
Syntax: title <string>
        title none|clear
        title reset|default

Your title appears after your name, appearing in commands like who, whois,
and score.  Characters are given a default title at creation, based upon
subclass.  This command allows you to change that title.

To change your title, simply type 'title <string>'.  Titles are limited to
40 characters (excluding color codes).  If you type 'title' without any
arguments, your current title is displayed.  To clear your title, use either
of 'title none' or 'title clear'. You can reset your title to the default
for your current subclass with 'title reset' or 'title default'.

As titles are visible to all players via who, whois, and anyone in the same
room who does not have notitle on (see 'help notitle'), please keep 
language used in titles in course with the rest of the MUD (no cursing or
adult-oriented material).  See 'help policies1' and 'help curse channel' 
for rules regarding offensive material.

There is also a video which shows how to set and clear titles in Aardwolf: