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Do you ever wonder where NPCs go after they have been wounded in battle, then
suddenly reappear as if nothing ever happened? They make a visit to the
Tilule Rehabilitation Clinic! Here, patients receive medical care to heal
their wounds, and even have surgery performed on them to correct those more
serious ailments.

Things are not as they seem at the Tilule Rehabilitation Clinic, though.
The owner of the clinic, Tilule, needs your help completing various tasks
to help clean up the clinic and ensure it continues running for many years
to come. If you are up to the challenge, find the owner on the third floor
of the clinic. He will be happy to accept any help that comes his way.

Level Range         : 50 to 80
Goal Difficulty     : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 75
Goal Converter      : Rhuli
Area Author         : Rhuli