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Beyond the material realm, and behind the fabric of space and time is simply
the Eternal Void. While a mere glimpse has been visible from within the 
extended Titans' Keep, the portal atop the Titans' crystal obelisk into
the Void has frayed the edges of reality and blurred the boundary between 
the material and the Void. 

Having stabilised their foothold on Andolor, the Titans have begun to plan
their final masterstroke against their creators, the Elder Gods. Having 
tested and seen your mettle, the Titans' Commander has extended an open 
invitation to the heroes of the land to join them in a final campaign.

Be warned, for ordinary rules cease to apply the further one ventures away 
from the familiar and into the Abyss. Dare you brave the Void, explore the 
unknown, and challenge the Elder Gods?

Level range         : 201
Goal Difficulty     : Extremely difficult
Goal recommended at : 201 (15+ players)
Goal Converter      : Redryn
Area Author         : Redryn

This is a very high level area that requires a large group of powerful
characters to complete. This area is a morgue area- unclanned/outcast
players dying in this area will suffer usual death penalties but will
wake in their morgue or the Aylorian Hospital with all of their equipment.

You may notice some discrepancies in text that may look like typographical
errors. If these are transient (i.e. not always there or the same), they
are a result of the eldritch interference and intentional.