Tir Na N Og

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Nestled in a copse of trees near the Blood Lands, a circle of mushrooms 
catches your eye. Lying down and dozing off, you escape reality and awaken in 
Tir na nOg, which translates to "Land of Youth". 

Through the enchanted forest, filled with wispy faeries and Slyphs is the 
castle of Tuatha de Danaan. The Fae gods and goddesses have claimed this 
place as their own and celebrate with perpetual feasting, playing ancient 
games, and enjoying music that reverberates off the walls.

Even in this imaginative place, there lies an evil that exist beneath the 
castle, awaiting anything foolish enough to enter its maze. Do you dare 
venture into the depths to face the unknown?

Level Range         : 130 to 150
Area Author         : Blunt & Ciaran

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