The Broken Halls Of

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Long ago, dwarves mined deep into Mount Horath, exploring its caverns and 
drilling persistently for rubies, emeralds and sapphires.  The Halls of 
Horath were to become known as the wealthiest of dwarven mines, and the
most beautiful. But the Horathian dwarves disappeared suddenly and 
mysteriously, leaving only their equipment and the occasional disgruntled
ghost behind.  In time, as dust gathered, scavenging kobolds claimed Mount
Horath as their home.  Meanwhile, the mystery remains.  What drove the
dwarves away from their magnificent mountain hall, and by what arrangement
have the kobolds taken foothold?  One named Buroil'l of the K'estest seeks
the answer, as well.

Level Range         : 120-170
Goal Difficulty     : Medium
Goal Recommended at : 170
Goal Converter      : Lumina
Area Author         : Lumina (area concept by SonRokito)

Please note: Level 150 is recommended for this goal due to equipment

Area originally added Nov 28, 1999 as 'Dragon Mountain'. Updated Oct 27,

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