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Last Updated  : 2023-02-25 11:09:18.
Syntax:  tpspend <option>  (See below.)

For many of the options available with trivia points, mobs have been
specially coded in Aylor that will take care of things for you without
needing to see an imm. Read 'help trivia points' for information on other
trivia point spending options and for a list of ways to get trivia points.

The 'tpspend' command allows you to spend trivia points at the Ravi
Enterprises office, which is located within the Aylorian Temple of Ivar,
north of recall. (runto ravi)

The following options are available through the tpspend command:

(Please be careful to check the syntax when using this command.  Refunds
will not be given.)

aura is the Aura of Trivia (see 'help aura of trivia'). (6TP) 

bag is the Trivia Sleeping Bag (see 'help sleeping bag'). (15TP)

bcp will give you a chaos portal ingredient.  There is a very rare 
chance this ingredient will be silver, platinum, or diamond.  (See 'help 
cptypes' for more information.) (5TP)

corpse will bring all retrievable corpses in the game to you. (1TP)

name <item> <keyword> adds a keyword to an item at a cost of 1 tp.  
The item must be in inventory, not worn or in a container.  Do not use 
color codes- this is the 'use' names, not the 'look at' descriptions.  See 
'help strings'. (1TP)

potion is the trivia spellup potion (level 220 sanctuary plus all three
Imm spells (see below)). (2TP)

remarry will remove your marriage timer, allowing you to immediately 
be able to marry again, removing the 'thirty day or remort/tier' 
restriction. (10TP)

restore will restore your hp/mana/moves to full.  (Contact an Imm to do
a global restore, which restores all players.) (2TP)

sex will permanently change your gender. Make sure you are not under
any other sex-changing affects; see 'help sex' for more information. (5TP)

spellup is the trivia spell-up cast directly on your character.  It will
include sanctuary, combat mind, bless, fly, divine faith, and one of the
three random Imm spells (see below). (1TP)

token removes a trivia point from your character and adds a trivia 
point token to your inventory.  It costs 100,000 gold coins to convert a 
trivia point into a token.  See 'help trivia token' for more details.  
(Note, this command is logged; transferring trivia points to an alt is 
considered multiplaying and against the rules- see 'help multiplaying'.)
(100,000 gold)

Imm spells include Valgard's Might, Shifty's Sleight of Hand, and Creator's
Wisdom.  If you are already affected by the random Imm spell that is cast
during the trivia spell-up, it is wasted; you do not get a different spell

The owner of an Aura of Trivia may sell it for two trivia points by visiting
Ravi in Aylor and using the syntax 'tpspend sell aura'.

Various other trivia functions can be carried out at specialized stores run
by Ivar Enterprises.  (See 'help trivia points' for more explanations and
related help files.)  These shops are located in the west plaza off
Starlight Way:

Add/change weapon flags         : The Aylorian Enchantment Clinic
Add/change/remove item flags    : Ivar's Item Remodeling
Add nodisarm or keepflag        : The Aylorian Forge
Change a weapon's damage type   : Ralverin's Apprentice Shop
Change an item's weight         : Aylorian Elemental Designs
Change the type of a weapon     : Ivar's Weapon Forge