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Thieves are a marginal class.  They do few things better than any other
class, but have a wide range of skills available.  Thieves are specialists
at thievery and covert actions, being capable of entering areas undetected
where more powerful adventurers would fear to tread.  They also are the 
only class capable of using poisons.  They are better fighters than 
clerics, but lack the wide weapon selection of warriors.  All thieves begin
with the dagger combat skill.  The thief's primary stat is DEXTERITY.  

Almost all thief skills are determined by DEXTERITY, STRENGTH and LUCK so
potential thieves should make sure they have chosen a race that can train
these stats cheaply.  

Thief Subclasses:

   Bandit               Ninja

Special skills/spells available to characters with the thief 
primary class:

   Knife fighting       Kobold stench
   Enhanced backstab    Spiral

Masters of Dexterity, thieves also tend to get more hitroll based critical
hits than other characters and can critical hit on a backstab.