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Last Updated  : 2015-10-21 13:37:28.

Syntax: tpenchant <weapon in inventory>
        tpenchant aura

When used on weapons:
For a cost of two trivia points per use, this command will enchant a weapon
carried in the user's inventory.  Unlike the 'enchant weapon' spell, this
casting does not fail, does not add a level to the weapon, and guarantees a
minimum addition of +1 to hitroll and damroll.  Lucky casts may add +2 to
both, and may also possibly add an attribute point.  

This command acts as though the enchant spell was cast by an Immortal; it
has the maximum chance for bonuses from casting, and moons do not affect
the casting.

An item can only be enchanted to half its current level in hitroll/damroll,
or +10, whichever is higher.  (You may be 1 below max and get a +2 enchant,
thus ending up 1 over the maximum; this is not a bug.) The max is a little
higher if the weapon has a SOLIDIFIED flag to allow for the additional
damroll potential from Solidify.

When used on Aura of Trivia:
An Aardwolf Aura of Trivia can be enchanted for the cost of 1 trivia point
and will randomly add one point of the 6 main stats or 1 hitroll/damroll.
Each Aura of Trivia can be enchanted up to 10 times and identify will show
how many times each aura has been enchanted.

Please be very careful when using this command to ensure that you will
target the right item, as refunds for errors will not be given.