Test Of Faith

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Last Updated  : 2020-08-15 13:10:46.
Syntax: cast 'test of faith'
Spell Number: 519

Early in their religious trainings, primary-class Paladins learn of the
many ways they can receive gifts from their deities.  These gifts of faith
include the ability to be bathed in an aura of (un)holiness, which can
traverse through a Paladin's weapon during combat.  

All Paladins may use this ability, but will find it more effective at 
extreme evil or extreme good alignment and almost completely ineffective 
at neutral alignments. Align of the target has no impact on Test of 
Faith, only that of the caster.

Once cast, this skill is automatic, and provides a chance for extra hits
each round of combat while under the effect of this spell.  The type and
amount dealt will vary depending on your alignment and other factors, but
the number of hits dealt will depend on the strength of your alignment.

- Good paladins will do light or holy damage. The white moon in the sky 
  will increase this ability.

- Evil paladins will do shadow or negative damage. This damage is also 
  influenced by the presence of the black moon in the sky.

- Neutral paladins will deal light or shadow damage, but this damage will 
  be quite weak compared to the damage of Test of Faith when it is used
  by strongly aligned paladins.

Spell available only to the Primary Class Paladin.

Primary Stat: Int.
Affected by : Luck.

Instinct Bonus: Test of Faith instinct will increase the damage done
                by each hit.