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Help Category : Utility.
Related Helps : Maxtrains, Practice, Stats, Potential, Instinct, Dtrains, SH-Stats.
Last Updated  : 2018-12-05 14:48:29.
  train                        - Shows current stat costs/totals.
  train <stat>                 - increases given stat one point.
  train <amount> <stat>        - increases given stat multiple points.
  train cost <amount> <stat>   - check cost to train multiple points.
  train convert|convertall     - Changes practices into train(s).
  train practices|reconvertall - Changes train(s) into practices.
  train totals                 - Show total cost of trained / saved stats.
                                 See 'help sh-stats' for explanation.

You will gain training sessions as you level, as well as from other sources
(such as goal, campaign, or sometimes quest rewards).  These are used to
increase your stats via the 'train' command at a trainer or guildmaster.
There are several trainers in Aylor; see 'help find' to get directions.

Before training stats for the first time, it is strongly recommended that
you read 'help stats'.  You may also want to check out the help file for
your class (i.e., 'help mage') for suggested stats to train.

If you have the training sessions available (see Training Costs, below),
you may increase a stat by one point by simply typing 'train <stat>'.  You
may also increase a stat by more than one point by using 'train <amount>
<stat>'.  To see how many trains it would cost to increase a stat a certain
amount, use 'train cost <amount> <stat>'.

You may also convert 10 practices into a training session by using the
syntax 'train convert'.  To convert a training session into 10 practices,
use 'train practices' or 'gain reconvert'.  You may also use 'train
reconvertall' to convert all trains into practices, or 'train convertall'
to convert as many sets of 10 practices into trains.

'Train' with no arguments will show trained stats, costs, and maximums.
'Gain', which was used in V2 and prior, is still available as an alias for

Training Costs and Limits

As your stats increase, it will eventually cost more than one train to
increase a stat by one point.  This cost is primarily influenced by your
race (the 'Train Costs' line in 'help <racename>' or shown via the 
raceinfo command (see 'help raceinfo')).  Unlike most game mechanics, a
negative modifier is better, reducing the number of trains it costs to add
one point in that stat.

Training costs can also be reduced through tiering and the statcost wish;
see 'help tierstat' for more information.

There is also a cap for the number of points you can train in a single stat
and across all stats, based upon level.  The eventual maximum trainable cap
for stats is 400 points in a single stat at level 200/201.  Reaching these
stat caps takes a lot of work, but is not essential to make progress in the

Because later stat increases cost many trains, it is advisable to NOT train
hit points, mana, or moves until you have reached stat caps at level 200/

See 'help maxstats' for more information on train costs and stat caps.

Adjusting Stats- Forget and Rebuild

Sometimes when leveling, bonus stats may be awarded.  These bonuses may not
be desired, especially if it means hitting stat caps with desired stats not
at max.  The 'forget' command ('help forget') will remove stats and prevent
bonuses in that stat.

If your stats are completely not to your liking, you may reset your stats
and re-train them, often for a fee of some of the trains spent.  See 'help
rebuild' for more information.

There is also a video which shows train convert help on Aardwolf: