The Infestation

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To the north of Aylor lies a small, quaint section of land teeming with
wildlife. Many travelers make their way through this small, peaceful area; 
enjoying their brief time, always making a mental note to come back when
they have some spare time to relax.  So long as you don't mind the large
insects that have decided to call this little section their home.  The ants
and the wasps dislike one another with a passion, but they've yet to
declare war on one another.  An amicable agreement, unspoken, resides 
between the two: Stay away from us, and we'll stay away from you.

However, not all is that peaceful here, for there is an infestation 
growing in strength that, if left unchecked, could bring about the ruin 
of such a peaceful plot of land. To one, there are pests overtaking the 
area, making it their own and killing the populace off. Find the one
who needs help and take care of the infestation before it's too late.

Level Range         : 5 to 35
Goal Difficulty     : Easy
Goal Recommended at : Level 25
Goal Converters     : Escobar & Paramore
Area Authors        : Rundvelt

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