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Related Helps : Shoot, Ready, Ranged-Tactics, Archery, Volley.
Last Updated  : 2016-05-05 20:36:56.

Syntax:  target                  : Display current target.
         target <name>           : Target a character.
         target <dir> <name>     : Target a character in direction <dir>
         target clear            : Clear current target.

The 'target' command allows you to acquire a target for the purposes of 
ranged combat. You can only target a character that is directly in a 
straight line from you. You cannot target outside of your current area and 
all regular combat restrictions apply.

You cannot target a character in the same room as you, but if there is a 
path back to the same room (for example, if 2N in a maze leads back to the 
same room) then there is a path for a projectile to follow and targeting 
will work.

Once you have a target acquired, you can 'shoot' (as long as the target is 
not in the room that you currently occupy) and use other ranged 
commands without having to specify the target again. Your target will also
show in the room and in 'scan' with a [TARGET] flag.

See 'help ranged-tactics' for some further notes on ranged combat and
how it can be used.