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Last Updated  : 2012-11-21 19:42:12.
The trivia channel is where Immortals will host trivia games and single-
shot trivia questions.  Unlike other channels, Immortals must turn on the
trivia channel before players will be able to speak on it.  If you have the
channel toggled on (the setting is visible in 'channels'), you will see an
echo when the channel is turned on and will then be able to speak on it
until an Immortal turns it off again.

The guidelines for the trivia channel are covered in 'help trivia rules'.
Unless otherwise stated, this is not a curse channel.  Abuse of the channel
will result in removal of channel privileges for at least the length of
the trivia (and possibly longer).

The common reward for trivia questions is trivia points; see 'help trivia
points' for more information.