Help Keywords : TPUPGRADE.
Help Category : Utility.
Related Helps : TPenchant, TPspend.
Last Updated  : 2006-11-02 10:21:50.
Syntax:  tpupgrade <item>

When the new enchant code was added on Aug 13, 2006, it was intended to be
a bonus all-round. Some players who have put a lot of time and effort into
getting maxxed stat eq now have eq that is still pretty good, but not as
close to max as it was.  This command was added as a way to update older
equipment to be able to get closer to these new maximums for the enchant
spells.  This has a trivia point cost involved because it guarantees at
least a small set of stats on the equipment (1 hr / 1 dr and 1 wis if it
is fully enchanted), where enchantment spells are not guaranteed to hit.

New items purchased since this addition will have the 'v3' flag added.
These items are not eligible for this feature.

Older items without the v3 flag may have additional stats added to them, if
they have illuminated, resonated, and/or solidified flags.  The 'tpupgrade'
command costs 1 trivia point.  Similar to tpenchant, it uses max stats 
regardless of the user and does not take weather into account.  

tpupgrade will check the item for all of the following:

    If the item has the solidified flag, it will have a roll for 1 or 2
    hitroll & 1 or 2 damroll added to it (the amount of the spell upgrade).

    If the item has the resonated flag, it will have a roll for the new
    random stat added. As with the resonate spell, most times this will
    not land.  There is currently no message if no stat is added.

    If the item has the illuminated flag, it will have 1 or 2 wisdom added
    to it (again, the amount of the spell upgrade), and a chance for the
    additional luck which, most times, will not land.

Once the 'tpupgrade' command has been used on an item, or an enchantment
spell has been cast on the item after the introduction of this command, it
will add the v3 flag and tpupgrade is no longer available for that object.
Use this command BEFORE casting other enchantment spells on an item.