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Last Updated  : 2013-11-19 09:37:31.
Our Fellowship has been brought together by a common desire for greater
knowledge, artistry, and the passion to surpass our current limitations.
We strive to improve ourselves as a Fellowship, as well as individuals,
and to offer the wealth of our experiences to those of similar interests
and leanings.

From our introduction as the first clan on Aardwolf, we have sought to
remain innovative, responsive, and a positive presence. We acknowledge
that both good and evil must exist for balance in our world, and concern
ourselves more with honorable practices rather than with exploitation. As
scholars and artists by nature, our focus is to contribute to our
community, rather than manipulate it for own personal gain.

To learn more about us, including our current application requirements,
please check out our website (found at the bottom of 'claninfo twinlobe').
Though we expect you to do your own research, we are always open to any
questions you may have; please feel free to contact us via Personal board
note or tells to active players at any time.