Trivia Portals

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Players may pay 15 trivia points to have a personal portal created to the
first room of an area.  Trivia portals are level 1 and are owned to the
player requesting them.  Note that you may buy a trivia portal for another
player as a gift, however.  New trivia portals also come with a free
restring; see 'help restring' for a list of strings that can be set.

Note: Trivia portal descriptions must follow all of the same restrictions
set in the help restring helpfile.

Almost every area is allowed, with the following exceptions.  These areas
either have no set first room, require special area quests to get to, or
are considered 'endgame' areas.

     Clan areas          Limbo                 Sea King's Dominion
     Continent areas     Lower Planes          Upper Planes (incl 9hells)
     Immortal Homes      Manor areas           The Warzone
     Lasertag area       Oradrin's Chosen      Journey to the Inferno
     Cracks of Terra     Icefall               The Titan's Keep
     Winds of Fate       A Genie's Last Wish   Transcendence
     Black Claw Crag     White Claw Cavern

Areas with multiple 'parts' in different level ranges may only have a
trivia portal to the first room of the first part of the area:

     Fractured Lands     School of Horror
     Storm Ships of Lem-Dagor (with Prosper Island)

Note- while trivia portals are still allowed to the following Vidblain
areas, manor and clan exits are not.

     The Darklight          The Witches of Omen Tor  Imperial Nation
     Adventures in Sendhia  The Keep of Asherodan

The 'first room of an area' is defined as the room where a continent exit,
portal, or custom exit leads to/from an area.  Areas which only link to
other areas will have the portal set at the first room within that area.
Zone start locations are saved in the zone information itself; if you are
unsure of the starting point of an area, contact an Immortal for that

An area must be live on Aardwolf for a minimum of two weeks before you may
purchase a trivia portal to it.

The easiest way to request a portal is to post the area and strings you
desire in a note to Imm on the Upgrades board.  This will allow an available
Imm to create it as you continue about your way.  You must be online to
receive the portal when it is made and have trivia points on your pfile (not
trivia point tokens).

See 'help portal replacements' for rules regarding replacing trivia portals
to areas which no longer exist.