Trivia Bonus Mobs

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A trivia bonus mob is a mob that has been randomly selected to award a
trivia point upon its death.  Only a small handful of these mobs exist at
any particular time, and only the highest-level Immortals can even see
which mobs are trivia point mobs; there is no way to distinguish these
monsters and they will not carry a trivia point token.
If you kill a monster flagged as a bonus mob, you will find yourself the
recipient of a trivia point, as if it was awarded by an Immortal.  This
occurs regardless of player alignment or noexp setting, and skills which
normally instant-kill a mob without experience or other rewards (such as
disintegrate) will still award the trivia point.  To prevent clearing of
entire areas for possible bonus mobs, the monster must be within a
reasonable level range above or below the killer's level.  (Exact ranges
are intentionally not given, for this same reason.)

Players in the right level range that attempt to harvest trivia points via
"farming" areas may find themselves unable to ever collect this bonus in
the future.  There is no way for a player to determine that this has been
set, though it will also not be set without warning.

Remember- there are only a handful of these mobs in existence at any given
time, and there are thousands of monsters alive at any given time, so 
don't feel disparaged if you don't come across any.  On the other hand,
feel free to gloat when you do find one!