Tribal Origins

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In an effort to learn more about the dreaded Tairayden tribe who first made
an appearance in Tairayden Peninsula, a wise and adventure seeking warrior
decided to seek additional knowledge.  He had many questions after freeing
the hostages the tribe had taken, and decided he is going to get the answers
he needed.  Where did the tribe come from?  Why are they attacking vacation
seekers at the peninsula?  Where are they now?

He may not have found all the answers to the questions he had, but what he
found shocked him, and may shock you as well.  Now, the only question he
demands answered remains unknown at this point.  Is the tribe planning an
attack on Andolor, the likes of which no adventurer has ever seen?

If you're seeking the same wisdom, seek Bemethreln, who has built a small
cabin not far from Tairayden Peninsula.  Tell him you also wish to learn the
truth about the tribe.

Level Range         : 165 to 190
Goal Difficulty     : Easy
Goal Recommended at : Level 175
Goal Converter      : Rhuli
Area Author         : Rhuli

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