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Last Updated  : 2016-09-25 17:28:05.
Quick Help - How to tier:

- Go to the remort chamber to the North-East of Aylor recall.
- Enter 'remort <any class>' to enable remort mode.
- Do any necessary remort auctions.
- When auctions are complete, type 'retier'.
- After recreation, read help tierpin on how to get your tier pin.

Wishstat and tierstat will need to be re-set upon tiering.

Detailed Help - Aardwolf Tier System:

A person that has reached 7x remort status on Aardwolf and would like to 
continue playing the game, can restart the game and add a 'tier' to their
character. The main benefits of adding an extra tier to your character are
as follows:

- Tiers can wear items and use spells an extra 10 levels higher per tier.
  For example, a tier 2 level 60 player can use spells and wear equipment
  of level 80 or lower.  Note- though spells are available earlier, they
  are NOT cast at the higher level.  (A tier 6 level 50 player casting
  dispel magic as if he/she were level 110 is a bit too much.)

- At level 201, tiers may buy/use quest equipment at their tier level;
  e.g., a tier 1 superhero can buy and use level 211 quest equipment.

- When calculating item allowance, tiers use the higher calculation of
  (tier*25) or (str+(dex/2)).

- Tiers get a -1 bonus to training cost in one stat per tier (see 'help

- The total stats a player can train (1725) is increased by 25 per tier.

- Tiers gain an additional +2 per tier to maximum trainable caps, to a
  maximum of 400.

- Tiers gain an extra +10 hitroll/damroll and +2 in all stats per tier, in
  the form of a pin worn in a unique slot.
  NOTE: This pin is NOT to be shared with spouses.

- Tiers gain a 10%-per-tier discount on manor purchases and upgrades, up 
  to a maximum of 50%.

- Miracle has an extra 5% chance of success per tier.

- Tiers gain 1 extra quest point per tier when they complete a quest.

- The auction tax is reduced by 1% per tier when selling an item.

- Rankings, swho 9, and similar commands show total levels- a brand new
  tier 1 character shows as 1408 total levels.  Tier 9 players can redo
  tier 9 as many times as they want to increase their total levels, though
  they will not get any other new bonuses.

When you retier, the following are kept:

- Clan membership, manor ownership, marriage, gold, tp, qp, hours online, 
  war/gquest/death/quest stats and similar character attributes/settings.

The following are reset as if you were a new level 1 character:

- Race/class/subclass/sex (chosen during the tiering process).

- Trains, practices, hp/mana/moves, tierstat/wishstat, skills and spells.

- Traitor/raider/wanted flags are removed.

- Stats are saved until level 201 on your next remort. See 'help 
  sh-stats' for details.

You can use the command 'exptable' to see how experience to the next level
(TNL) changes as you remort and tier. Your current TNL will be highlighted
in red when you use this table.

At tier 0, experience starts at 1,000 TNL and changes to 2,000 after 
remort, but does not increase beyond that.

At tier 1 the base experience starts at 1,000 per level and this increases 
by 1,000 per remort, up to a max of 3,000. This sort of increase continues
each tier, but you will begin at a higher base of experience as you 
progress. So at tier 3, you begin at 3,000 TNL and add 1,000 TNL per
remort to a max of 5,000. At tier 4 you begin at 3,000 but progress to a 
max of 6,000 TNL. By the time you reach tier 9 your experience TNL will be
starting at 7,000 and ending at 10,000.

Tier 9 characters wishing to do the tier again can do so at the experience
cost of 1,000 per level increasing by 1,000 per remort up to a max of 3,000

After following the steps at the top of this helpfile to enter retier,
you will be brought to the creation screen where you can choose your race
and class; this will look as though you were creating a new character.
When you finish the creation process and reenter the game, you will be the
next tier.