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The forest of Tanra'vea is filled with a wondrous beauty, majestic 
waterfalls, quiet glades and rolling hills. It is also filled with an 
ancient, twisted evil that dwells deep in the ruins of an old city. 
Centuries ago, a large meteorite crashed to the earth, creating a 
cloud of toxic dust that killed or mutated most of the population. 
The Tanra'veans, guardians of the forest, were wiped out and their 
city fell to ruin. When the dust settled, the Skreans were born, a 
bi-pedal race of scavengers who live in a simple village in the forest. 
A dark and evil presence took up residency deep in the forest, slowly 
killing the trees and spreading its evil throughout the area. Life 
bloomed and flourished in the crater left by the meteor, the torn 
landscape now a flourishing ecosystem separate from that of the nearby 

The good that the Tanra'veans did over their life span has been erased 
and forgotten. Once they lived in harmony with the forest in which they 
made their home, now they are mere shadows of themselves, turned evil. 
One ghostly girl remains behind, with enough of her spiritual essence 
present in the now that she almost seems like she stepped out of time. 
She needs your help to try and set things right in the forest once again. 
Her intentions are goodly and pure, and through your actions, she may 
finally find her peace and depart from this world.

Level Range             : 180 to 201
Goal Difficulty         : Easy
Goal Recommended at     : Level 200
Goal Converters         : Rumour & Paramore
Area Author             : Rumour

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