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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Features
Aard Poker : The AardPoker Card Game.
Advisor : Helpers Lite- now with half the duties and perks!
Auction : Places an item up for sales on global auction.
Banking : How to use the banking system on Aardwolf.
Bid : Places a bid on/shows stats of an item up for auction.
Bigmap : Continent overview.
Blackjack : How to play Blackjack / 21 on Aardwolf.
Campaigns : Long-term, multi-target quests with higher rewards.
Colors : Syntax to add color to parts of Aardwolf.
Colorset : Changing channel/other output colors.
Combat : Allows you to enter a War.
Combat Maze : Kill other players without those annoying death penalti
Daily Blessing : Once-a-day request for divine gifts.
Divorce : Fifty ways to leave your lover (err, well, just one).
Double XP : Extra experience for all!
Dtrack : Information on the Aardwolf damage tracker
Duel : Overview of the private duel system.
Evict : Forces a person to leave your manor.
Forgetskill : Information on the 'forgetskills' command.
Friend : Manage and communicate with friends.
GQuest_Rules_ARCHIVE: Information about previous GQ rules
Global Quests : Competitive multi-target questing.
Gquest : Global quest (gquest) commands.
Helper : Aardwolf's dedicated newbie support staff.
Hunt Trick : Helpful hint for finding targets.
Ice Age : Aardwolf's hot-reboot system.
Invite : Invites a person into your home.
Land Deeds : Information about land deeds.
Laser Stats : Information on how to see player's lasertag stats.
Lasertag : Information about the lasertag system.
Lastkills : Shows a list of the last mobs killed.
Lottery : Gamble for a chance to win heaps of gold!
Mafia : Online adaptation of the party game.
Mafia-commands : Describes the commands used in Mafia on Aardwolf.
Mafia-options : Displays a list of options for Aardwolf Mafia games.
Mafia-roles : Describes the roles of a Mafia game.
Mafia-tips : Gives some tips and rule suggestions for Mafia.
Manors : Details on how to become a land owner of Aardwolf.
Map : Overview of the Aardwolf real-time map.
Market : Overview of the Aardwolf Marketplace (long term auction
Marry : Information about marriage on Aardwolf.
Mobdeaths : Lists what mobs have died in a level range.
Mobkills : Lists the biggest killers in Aardwolf.
Moons : The mystery of Aardwolf's three moons.
Nofail : Special abilities with different effectiveness.
Nofriends : Config option to auto-reject all friend requests.
Nonightvision : Toggle whether or not you use night vision.
Player Killing : Aardwolf's limited player-killing system.
Poker : Aardwolf Texas Hold'em Poker
Poker Admin : Aardwolf Hold'em Table Master Commands
Poker Commands : Aardwolf Hold'em Poker Commands
Poker Immsponsor : Imm-Sponsored Poker Tournaments for qp/tp.
Poker Play : Playing Aard Hold'em Poker
Poker Rules : Aardwolf Hold'em Poker Rules
Poker Tourney : Aardwolf Hold'em Poker Game Variations
Propose : Commands used to enact a marriage.
Quest : Seek out monsters for points towards special rewards.
Quest Points : Various ways to get quest points.
Remort : Information on Aardwolf multi-class system.
Remort Auction : Remort auctions (buying quest items cheaply).
Rename : Changing your character's name.
Resistances : Variable resistance value system.
Restring : Allows you to get an Imm to customise what your equipme
Ring : Tells the owner of a Manor that you are waiting outside
Santa : 'Tis the season... to get presents!
Setwanted : Set a character to be killable by anyone.
Spellup : Information on the 'spellup' command.
Startwar : Allows you to start a war of your own design.
Superhero : A character's final levels.
TPspend : Automatic function to collect some trivia rewards.
Taxes : Information about taxes (spit) in Aardwolf.
Tiers : More fun for the *really* dedicated players.
Tpenchant : Enchant weapons using trivia points.
Trivia Bonus Mobs : Random monsters with a nice bonus
Trivia Points : Trivia points and their uses.
Trivia Portals : Describes the 'trivia portal' option and lists exceptio
Upgrades : Reference for upgrade information.
Vote : In-game voting booths.
Warfare : Aardwolf's race/clan/class and free-for-all wars.
Warinfo : Displays warfare stats for a character.
Warsituation : Shows current status of war in progress.
Warstatus : Shows information regarding wars.
Weather : Shows prevalent weather conditions and state of moons.
Whoname : Customize your race/clss field in who.
Wiki : Player-edited Aardwolf information website.
Wikipass : Player-edited Aardwolf information website password.
Wishes : List of available wishes.
drank : Shortcuts for the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly rankin
toprank : View the top rankings for a period.