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 Syntax:  campaign         : Lists all campaign commands.
          campaign request : Command to request a new campaign.
          campaign info    : List current CP mobs or check if CP is available.
          campaign check   : Lists mobs left in current campaign.
          campaign brief   : Shorter version of 'campaign check'.
          campaign quit    : Removes you from your current CP.
          campaign today   : Show campaigns done so far today.

 Campaigns are a mix of the regular questing system and Global Quests with
 a bit of extra challenge.  You are assigned a handful of monsters to kill,
 which are slightly higher level and spread across many areas.  For the
 extra effort, rewards are higher than those from regular quests.

 To request a campaign, find Commander Barcett above Hester's Whoswhatsit
 off Starlight Way in Aylor (the 'find' command will help) and 'campaign
 request'. You can also request a campaign at any Questmaster.

 You may undertake only one campaign per level.  If you request a campaign
 and level while completing it, you may take another campaign at the new
 level.  Campaigns do not stack, however; if you level more than once while
 on a campaign, you do not get to take two additional campaigns at the new
 level.  See 'help noexp' to prevent extra leveling while on campaigns.

 Superheroes may take new campaigns every 2 hours (provided the previous
 campaign is completed).  Superhero campaigns will generally have more 
 targets than other campaigns.

 Like quests, campaigns do have a time limit (though it is much longer than
 quests); unlike quests, this timer counts down whether online or offline,
 and you may quit the game without losing your campaign.

 'campaign info' will tell you if you may campaign at the current level, or
 your current campaign's level, rewards, and list of targets.  'campaign
 check' strips most of this information and lists only the targets you have
 yet to kill.  There is no [QUEST] flag on campaign targets.

 Most campaigns will list your target's name and the area in which they are
 located.  Some campaigns will only list the room name rather than the area.
 If a monster on your list is killed in a room name campaign, it will list
 the area instead until it returns.

 If, for any reason, you do not wish to continue your campaign, you may use
 'campaign quit' to abandon it.  You do not get any rewards and must level
 before taking another campaign.  Once you kill your last target, rewards
 are given automatically; there is no command to complete a campaign.

 Your first campaign each day (real life calendar day based on the MUD's
 time zone) will result in bonus quest points once it is completed. While
 redoing a 9th tier, campaign rewards will start to reduce after the first
 30 campaigns per day.

 Once in a while, you may kill a mob listed as a campaign target and not
 receive credit for it.  99% of the time, this is not a bug.  See 'help
 mobkeys' for more information.